Football Camp

So this is what I’m excited about, football camp is coming up soon, and we have more skills to improve for the year, I love working with the young youth and polishing there skills. I have a passion for the game of football. I really get a remarkable feeling watching kids learn and want to understand the game of football, wanting to know new skills, new ways to beat their opponent. At this camp, we had a former Green Bay Packer Chris Hayes come out and talk to the kids. Chris also has a Super Bowl Ring with the Green Bay Packers, he loves coming out and talking to the kids about how school is important, and you need to get an education. John ‘’Texx’’ Williams puts on a wonderful football camp for the kids, its great for the parents as well.

The kids are really excited for the next drill, although it’s hot in the middle of the desert; they are still having a blast. As a member of the staff we teach all kinds of drills, we teach them how to stay low when tackling. Well I’m just getting use to the Blog word, and I hope I’m doing it right.

Here is one of the football camps that are coming up soon. and you can go to and run your search by typing in csifootball.

3 Responses to “Football Camp”

  1. nice job!

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